Why Cosmic Eggs?

I’m often asked why “cosmic eggs” are one of my favorite themes to create; I have a two-part reply.  First, the image of an egg is easy to capture because it requires only a circle surrounded by a loose round shape.  The colors can be true to life or completely spontaneous and each egg is similar, but unique.  Even with wild colors and textures, viewers recognize the form as an “egg.”  It’s interesting to see how much an everyday object can be transformed yet remain identifiable.

Second, eggs are thought to symbolize new beginnings, fresh starts, regeneration, and hope.  Many of us are rediscovering our love for artmaking and use our creative time to practice what’s familiar, yet new and fresh.  Many of us describe the process of artmaking as being regenerative and most satisfying when we’re experimenting with new materials, trying a new technique, or seeing things from a new perspective.  One of the aspects of creating artwork that I find most exciting is that anything can be a source of inspiration – even eggs.