Take Another Look

I am a mixed media artist working in acrylic, collage, textiles, and various materials that may not be considered “traditional.”  I often incorporate rusty, weathered, discarded found objects because these items lend unique character to each piece; no two are the same.  These objects aren’t just fun to find and collect, they help to tell a story.  My work often reflects themes of abundance, hope, and appreciation for common objects and everyday surroundings.  I tend to express these themes through use of bold colors, loose shapes, and texture.  The “Cosmic Egg” collection is a good example of this!


For me, creating art is a luxury, an indulgence, a privilege, and – at times – a respite from the demands of the corporate world.  I have the pleasure of approaching my work with a mindset that invites play and exploration.  My time in the studio allows for alignment with positive, regenerative energy which is ultimately conveyed within the work.


I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to create and want to inspire others to “take another look” and rediscover the things/experiences that bring joy and satisfaction.  I appreciate your interest and am thrilled to share my work with you.  I will look forward to connecting!

Take time to look

– Georgia O’Keeffe