Everything Has Beauty

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

We each have a unique definition of “beauty” and the attributes that make something “beautiful” in our opinion.  This is one of the reasons why artistic expression is personal and proliferative; creatives are inspired to share the significance of an object, a view, an experience, etc. and represent it in a way that meaningfully connects with other people.

Whether it’s communicated in writing, on the stage/screen, through music, or on a canvas we’re inviting others to take another look, engage, appreciate, enjoy, react, or maybe reconsider.  Sharing our point of view invites connection and, as creatives, our work allows others to see beauty where it may otherwise go unnoticed.  Celebrate those moments when you think to yourself, “Huh, I’ve never noticed that before.”  You’ve made a connection!

Of course, there are more layers to this quote and the idea goes much deeper than just “noticing” beauty; it also serves as a personal challenge.  Am I so distracted with routines, schedules, responsibilities, and/or so immersed in my own circumstance that I’m missing opportunities to appreciate beauty?  Am I only recognizing “beauty” if certain attributes meet my personal definition?  Do I recognize the beauty in everything?  Can I accept that there are different forms of beauty?

Whether it’s in the eye of the beholder or elsewhere, challenge yourself to find the beauty in something today.