Creativity Requires Courage

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties”- Erich Fromm

Most creatives agree that having the “courage to let go of certainties” can be a challenge, particularly when we’re attempting to capture and represent a specific image or concept that we’ve envisioned in our minds.  Even when we’re intentionally focusing on trying a new approach or a different set of materials, we often catch ourselves falling back into familiar habits or reaching for favorite tools.

The longer I think about this quote, the more it resonates with me.  I am motivated by the idea that creativity requires courage, relaxing expectations, and a willingness to be uncertain about the process and the outcome.  This reinforces the importance of using my creative time as an opportunity to improve my skills without expecting a specific result.  After all, this sense of boldness and freedom is what many creatives seek as we pursue our passions.  I’m going to post this quote near my workspace as a reminder:  The next time I’m feeling stuck or falling back into a routine, I’m going to summon up some courage, let go of the need to be certain about the outcome, and try something new, bold, unexpected, risky, etc.  I’ll let you know how it goes!